Are you traveling? Please let us know!

Debit card fraud continues to be a major issue for financial institutions, including your credit union. To protect your account and the credit union we have found it necessary to block debit card purchase in many states. If you are traveling and will be using your debit card, please contact us so we can lift the block on your account.


We are asking to please keep an eye on your account.  We have received information that cards may have been compromised.  Wendy's was the place given as to where the information may have been compromised from.  If you used your card in the time frame of January 2016 to now at Wendy's please, again, pay extra attention to your account.  If you do see anything suspicious, please let us know.  Sorry for any inconvenience.

~* Mobile Deposit Now Available *~

We are glad to announce that our Mobile Deposit is now up and running on our new Mobile app.  If you wish to download our new app, we ask to make sure you are signed up with homebanking first. The app will be the blue one in the App Store or Google Play.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Please Check With Us To Make Sure We Have Current Address & Phone Number

With going through our system, we have found a lot of addresses and phone numbers for our members that are no longer good or valid.  We please ask that you verify with us that we have a current address and a good phone number for you to be reached.  This makes it a lot easier for us to contact you with important information.  We appreciate your cooperation! You may call us at 724-539-2858, e-mail us at or through homebanking, or you may mail/drop-off/fax us a letter (f) 724-537-2530. Thank you again  

Electronic Bill Payment service is now available

If you are tired of paying more and more for stamps and checks, we have a new service available to you!   Our electronic bill payment service was launched January 5.  For just $2.50 per month you can pay all your bills without writing a check.  Stamps are now 49 cents and checks cost at least a dime.  Pay five bills online each month and start saving. To get started log in to your home banking account and click the Bill Pay tab. if you have any questions or need help getting started, please contact us!…