Today is the day to take responsibility for your financial future. Open a VASCO Federal Credit Union savings account today. It pays to BELONG!

Regular Shares2.00%2.02% APY
(A deposit of $50 is required to open and maintain your credit union account. All members of VASCO Federal Credit Union must maintain a Regular Share Account.)
Christmas Club2.00%2.02% APY
(You deposit what you want when you want. When the first week of October arrives, the funds will be deposited directly to your savings. You may also choose to have your funds deposited directly to your checking account. However, you will NOT be permitted to withdraw from the account.)
Special Shares2.00%2.02% APY
(A separate savings account that you can use for any reason. Funds from this account will not automatically transfer to your Checking Account to cover over overdrafts.)
6 Month Certificate4.33%4.38% APY
($2500 Minimum; $10,000 minimum required to receive a monthly interest check)
1 Year Certificate4.33%4.33 APY
2 Year Certificate3.33%3.33% APY
(1, 2, 3 and 5 year certificates require a minimum deposit of $500; $5000 minimum is required to receive a monthly interest check)
3 Year Certificate1.50%1.50% APY
5 Year Certificate1.50%1.50% APY
IRA Shares2.00%2.02% APY
IRA 6 Month Certificate4.33%4.38% APY
IRA 1 Year Certificate4.33%4.33% APY
IRA 2 Year Certificate3.33%3.33% APY
IRA 3 Year Certificate1.50%1.50% APY
IRA 5 Year Certificate1.50%1.50% APY

Rates are subject to change. Please call for current rates.

Your savings are federally insured for at least $250,000 by the National Credit Union Administration.